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    Sydney records wettest year since records began in 1858

    On Thursday morning, heavy rain made Sydney the wettest city in 164 years.
    Official data indicate that, with only 86 days remaining in 2022, the city had received 2,213mm (87 inches) of rain by Thursday afternoon, exceeding the previous record of 2,194mm (86 inches) set in 1950.
    According to the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) live data, over 58mm (2 inches) of rain fell between 9 am and 2 pm GMT on Wednesday, and more heavy rains are expected over the next three days and major floods are possible.
    In 2022, more heavy rain is expected across the east coast of Australia due to La Nina. Eastern Australia experiences better cloud and rain conditions due to a La Nina phenomenon.
    Sydney's sprawling western suburbs have experienced floods three times in the past two years, and the city, along with other parts of New South Wales, is bracing for further disruption in the future.
    The catchments are flooded, the dams are full, and the rivers are already swollen. According to Steph Cooke, state emergency services minister, there is a high likelihood that any additional rainfall, regardless of how minor, will exacerbate flooding conditions in the state."
    Flash flooding can happen with any extra rain." It is already at full capacity in many dams and rivers.
    Sydney's Warragamba Dam, which supplies 80 percent of the city's water, will have its wall raised to help prevent more flooding in the future by the New South Wales state government.
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    Significant flood risk for New South Wales and Victoria

    As rain and thunderstorms are forecast across southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania on Thursday and into the weekend, flooding is likely to worsen, and it may even lead to the death of livestock.
    As a result of rains, the levels of many already flooded rivers will rise, especially in southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and northern Tasmania. In inland New South Wales, minor to major flooding is likely.
    In parts of north-west Tasmania, a Severe Weather Warning remains in effect due to damaging winds. In Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania, there are also flood watches in effect.
    Heavy rain is expected to fall over parts of New South Wales starting late Friday, particularly the eastern half, including the western slopes and ranges, as well as central and southern coasts of the state.
    The wet spring and saturated soils have already led to flooding in many communities. Forecasts and warnings are updated frequently as the situation changes.
    We urge people to heed the advice of emergency services and keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings, both on the Bureau's website and by using the BOM Weather app where notifications can be enabled.
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    Ian's remnants finally losing a grip on Philadelphia region

    There is a chance we will finally get some sunshine in the Philadelphia area by the middle of the week. There are no more issues with rain, wind, or coastal flooding since Ian's influence is moving east.
    There is a chance of light showers continuing to hit the area on Wednesday night and into the early morning hours on Thursday. We can expect .25 inches to a trace of additional rain. As wind conditions remain breezy, gusts of up to 25 mph are expected to be experienced at times.
    There will be little change in winds on Wednesday night, as temperatures rise into the 50s (not much different from what they are today). Wet ground will result in patchy fog on Thursday morning during the commute. There may be a drop in visibilities tomorrow morning, so make sure you leave yourself a little extra time before heading out.
    With highs around 60 degrees and low 70 degrees in the afternoon, temperatures will be much closer to the average for this time of year.
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    London weather: October 'mini-heatwave' as Met Office and BBC forecast temperatures will hit 20C again

    It's only the fourth day of October, but the weather seems to be far from what's usually expected around this time of year. The weather will be warm for the next six days. Tuesday (4 October) will be 20C in London, according to BBC Weather.
    The past few weeks have been colder than expected after a summer of heatwaves, followed by downpours and thunderstorms at the start of September. The weather has been really cold in the mornings, but it gets warmer in the afternoon. Some people are having a hard time deciding whether or not to wear a coat.
    On Tuesday, we expect a dry day with sunny spells and some cloud. The weather will get colder in some parts of London later on. This evening will be dry, but showers are expected to arrive on Wednesday morning (October 5). BBC Weather predicts a dry, sunny day on Thursday with some clouds in the afternoon, although temperatures will stay above average."
    There will be a lot of sunny spells on Friday, but there will be some clouds in the middle of the day. The weather will be windy. On Saturday, the skies will be clear, the sun will shine, and the winds will die down.
    You might be able to resist turning on the heating during October's "mini-heatwave" if you hold off on switching it on.
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