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Severe weather ripped through several southern states Friday night and early Saturday morning, spawning at least one deadly tornado in Mississippi. Fox News has confirmed that at least seven people were killed in Carroll County, Mississippi, and three were killed when the storm tore through Rolling Fork, Mississippi, Friday night, destroying buildings across the state and leaving thousands without electricity FOX Weather has confirmed that at least two people have been injured. These numbers are expected to increase. A series of strong storms has prompted some cities to issue hurricane emergencies, the most severe hurricane warnings. By definition, he warned, "large and violent" tornadoes can cause widespread damage and many fatalities on the ground. Extensive damage was seen in many parts of Mississippi, including the northeastern town of Amory, not far from the Alabama border. resident Holly Barnes shared a series of photos on Facebook with the caption: "Amore was hit but we got out. If we get another photo try to get home," emergency responders said of the most affected city in a post on social networks. asking drivers to move away from the affected area. Amory Fire and Police issued the same statement shortly after the tornado: “Please stay home and do not attempt to drive through Amory. If emergency services cannot enter an area, they cannot help restore power, assess damage, and conduct rescue operations. Be safe, be safe and don't drive on Amory! FOX Weather reports that the first major tornado started in the town of Rolling Fork and continued 30 miles northeast through Silver City; emergency agencies reported severe damage in both areas. "West of Rolling Fork is residential areas, with only a certain number of homes completely destroyed," Miller said. "Hwy 61, where most of our businesses are, all the businesses on Route 61 have been completely destroyed. People are stuck in a lot of restaurants, and now people are trying to get them out." Live weather on FOX Weather, which tracks the storm Brett Adair's world saw the hurricane roll into Silver City. "We had drones flying in the air and we saw this huge tornado coming, maybe 5 or 6 miles away, and when it went over the freeway in Silver City, we just saw several explosions." You may have heard the expression "mad as a March hare". The adage sounded especially true this month, as the weather can turn mild. It has always been a month of contrasts and by mid-March we had warnings of ice, snow and heavy rain. Heavy snow fell in some areas. It was enough to form an entire snow family and the temperature dropped to -9C in Castlederg, Tyrone. It was March 8, and it was the coldest March night since 2010. Then, in the middle of the month, it started raining with the Met Office's heavy rain warning. Derrylin, Fermanagh County, received 35.4mm of rain, Killowen, Down County, 29mm, and Killilene, Antrim Valley, 26mm in a 24 hour period. Temperatures soared just before St. Patrick's Day. Helen Harbor recorded 16.1°C on 16 March, making it the warmest day and highest temperature in Northern Ireland since 13 November. Just 7 days ago, Castlederg had a cold -9C night. It is not unusual for the fair-skinned to get sunburn on St Patrick's Day as the mid-March sun is of a similar strength to September. This year the spring equinox was the following day, 20 March, when the sun sits directly over the Earth's equator as it heads northward. Both hemispheres share the sun's rays equally at the equinox, and night and day are roughly the same length. Spring is said to be a transitional season and wide variations in weather can occur, from wintry conditions in the first half of the season to warm, almost summer like conditions any time from late April onwards. The sun is strengthening significantly, the oceans are slowly warming and the jet stream is usually further north, which influences where our air is coming from. Air coming in from a southerly direction will always be warmer. With the fierce changes in weather, there is often some truth in a saying often used in reference to March: "In like a lion, out like a lamb." It is likely our recent snow, towards the beginning of the month, is down to SSW - or sudden stratospheric warming - which five years ago helped bring about the infamous Beast from the East. John Wylie, a former colleague who works with the Met Office in Northern Ireland, said that cold and wintery conditions, including significant snowfall, are not uncommon in March. In 2010, 2013 and 2018, each March had highly disruptive snowfall events. Nature has a habit of redressing the balance and the exceptional mildness of February (2.5C above average) has been countered by much colder conditions during the first half of March, with average temperatures around 2.5C below average. It is possible that March will be colder than February at this time. Although unusual, there are certainly precedents. The last part of the month was quite mild, with occasional wind and rain. It was wetter than the average month for Northern Ireland. By March 23, Aldergrove will be experiencing its fourth wettest March on record with a week to go. An arctic north wind blows this weekend, speeding up the clock, bringing temperatures down to single digits on Sunday. So after the turbulent start of spring, we hope to get through April like a newborn lamb with more sunshine and less rain. line Weather Wisdom: Cats, Dogs, and Pine Cones The article above contained some clichés about the weather, but what about the other proverbs and traditional wisdom we use to predict, explain, or condemn? weather? Here are a few more. How about "It's too cold for snow"? This statement is supported by science. The colder it is, the less water vapor there is and less snow. However, there are many other factors to consider when it comes to whether or not it will snow, and it is unlikely that you will experience sufficiently cold temperatures on the island of Ireland. True, but unlikely to happen here. Can Dogs Anticipate the Approach of Severe Weather? As pet owners and four-legged friends around the world can attest, animals can often predict bad weather like thunder. Cats and dogs are more sensitive than humans to sounds, smells and changes in air pressure. Their keen senses allow them to pick up hints of an approaching storm long before their owner knows. Right before a storm, a cat's inner ear can sense a sudden drop in air pressure and may have learned to associate it with an approaching storm. You can hear the faint sound of thunder if a storm is already brewing in the distance. Similarly, your dog may smell oncoming rain or the characteristic smell of ozone. It is often produced by lightning and has a strong metallic odor. And finally this old (apparently) chestnut tree. There's another saying, "When the weather is nice, the pine cones open." In dry weather the cones dry out and the scales open. In humid conditions it becomes more flexible and takes on a more closed shape.