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    Tropical Weather-Pacific

    The Eastern and Pacific oceans are two of the Earth's four oceans. They are divided by the Americas, with the Pacific to the east of them and the Atlantic to the west.

    Tropical Storm Newton is heading west.

    A tropical storm is a type of storm that forms in the tropics. Tropical Storm Newton formed on Wednesday evening several hundred miles offshore of the southwestern Mexican coast. Newton may briefly strengthen this afternoon before heading westward out into the Atlantic Ocean.
    This is talking about the Pacific Ocean getting deeper and colder, which will eventually lead to the wind getting weaker. The storm is not expected to directly impact land; however, shipping and fishing interests may be affected.
    The sentence is telling the person to closely monitor the storm's progress.
    We are monitoring an area of potential development along the far southern coast of Mexico through this weekend.

    The Western Pacific Region is one of the nine regions of the World Health Organization. It includes 37 countries, stretching from Iran in the west to Samoa in the east, and from Mongolia in the north to New Zealand in the south. The Region has a population of about 1.9 billion people, or about 26% of
    A tropical storm is a type of storm that forms in the tropics. This particular tropical storm is located south of Japan.
    The system is moving north-northwestward.As of Thursday evening, EDT, a system called Tropical Storm Talas by the Japan Meteorological Agency is south of mainland Japan. The system is moving north-northwestward. of days.A system is moving northeast and is expected to arrive in a couple days.
    A typhoon is a large storm that usually happens in the Pacific Ocean. This one is staying south of mainland Japan but is still affecting the country with heavy rain and strong winds. A storm is expected to bring heavy rain to parts of Japan through early Saturday. the coast.The wind can be gusty, especially near the coast.

    The coast.

    A storm is in the sea east of the Philippines. Tropical Storm Karding is a system that is known for its strong winds. The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. A storm is expected to hit the Philippines this weekend. The storm is going to impact Hainan Island.

    Southern Pacific:

    No new information for this time period.
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    September’s unusual weather? It was even weirder over a century ago in San Francisco

    This September has been a never-ending series of extremes.
    At the beginning of the month, Californians had to deal with a heat wave that lasted for a week and a half. The Bay Area had a number of all-time temperature records broken. A huge wildfire started on Sept. 6 in Placer County and spread to El Dorado County. Thousands of people had to leave their homes. Then, the rain started. OR Then, the rain began. A tropical storm named Kay traveled far north along the Baja California Peninsula and brought heavy downpours to Southern California, causing flash flooding and mudslides. A storm is a large and powerful weather event. A typhoon is a type of storm that occurs in the western Pacific Ocean. Last weekend, storms brought showers to the Bay Area.
    When the jet stream, a sinusoidal track of west-to-east winds miles above the United States, is extra-wavy, dramatic swings in weather can happen.
    Jan Null is a meteorologist who studies weather patterns. He says that next to big ridges (areas of high pressure), you have big troughs (areas of low pressure).
    When these weather swings occur back-to-back, it can lead to a string of unusual weather events. The recent heat wave was caused by a ridge of high pressure, and this week's rain was caused by a trough of low pressure.
    Similar conditions may have led to an even more bizarre September over a century ago. While temperatures in San Francisco didn’t break records in September 2022, the Bay Area hit an all-time high of 116 degrees in Fairfield and Livermore. On September 6, Santa Rosa set a record temperature of 115 degrees, and on September 8, San Jose reached 104, which broke a record that had been set in 1904.
    Even though it was hot that year, the Weather Bureau forecaster McAdle warned that the weather would be changing drastically. There was fog offshore.
    I would tell everybody, especially visitors, to always be ready to put on heavier clothes and coats. The moment the wind is strong enough to bring in the fog, there will be a big drop in temperature.
    In a few days, it will be much colder than it is now.
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    Will S.F. Bay Area sea breeze cool off weather this weekend?

    This weekend, the weather in San Francisco will be warm, with highs in the low 80s. The Folsom Street Fair is a big event that happens every year. Lots of people come to the city to celebrate.
    The forecast for Saturday is warm, with temperatures potentially reaching the highest of the weekend.
    The high-pressure systems will bring in a dry, offshore breeze into San Francisco on Saturday. This will promote sunny skies and a rush of warm air in the city. Saturdays temperatures are expected to reach the 80-degree mark in downtown, the Castro and most neighborhoods east of Sutro Tower. These rising temperatures will pose a lot of risks for people in the Bay Area. The National Weather Service has updated its experimental heat risk map, which shows where hot temperatures pose the biggest threat based on the climatology and demographics of a town or city.
    In cases where extremely hot and dangerous temperatures are forecast for an area, it is only used in cases where the scale is 0 to 4.
    Those on the coast won’t have to worry too much. It will warm up into the upper 70s and low 80s. It's important to stay hydrated because it's been weeks since coastal residents experienced temperatures like these.
    The weather in the Bay Area will be warm on Saturday, with many areas reaching the low 90s. If you are someone who gets heat exhaustion easily, it is important to avoid being in the sun for too long.
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    Vancouver Weather: Sunshine for the weekend

    The weather in Vancouver today is supposed to be sunny and cloudy, with temperatures reaching 18 degrees Celsius inland and 22 degrees Celsius. It's going to be partly cloudy overnight, with a low of 12 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, it will likely be sunny, with highs of 21 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees inland. The week should start out with clear skies on Monday and Tuesday, with highs of 22 C and 23 C, respectively, by the water. Inland temperatures will likely be higher at 26 C and 27 C, respectively. High 25 C.The weather for today is a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 25 degrees Celsius. The weather for tomorrow is expected to be overcast with a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The fog is patchy and will dissipate this morning. The weather will be mostly sunny and hot, with a high of 18 degrees Celsius. However, it will be even hotter inland, with a high of 22 degrees Celsius. The UV index measures the strength of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. A reading of 5 or moderate means that the UV rays are strong enough to cause sunburn in about 20 minutes.
    Lows around 40.The sky will be mostly cloudy tonight and it will be cold, with lows around 40 degrees. The temperature is 12 degrees Celsius.
    There will be mostly sunny tomorrow. There will be high temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius, except 26 degrees Celsius inland. It is 28 C in Humidex. The UV index is moderate.
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