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    N.J. weather: Hurricane Ian could push some rain, winds as far north as N.J., forecasters say

    Hurricane Ian is a storm that is heading towards the western coast of Florida. It has strong winds of 120 mph and is expected to affect parts of Georgia and other southeastern states in the US. The hurricane will continue to head north during the weekend.
    While Ian is likely to dump a lot of rain on Florida, some forecasts say that it will be as much as 10 to 20 inches. Heavy rain is also expected in Georgia and the Carolinas, but it is not sure how much moisture will go as far north as New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
    As of right now, it looks like there is a good chance that Hurricane Ian's remnants will cause some heavy rain and strong winds in parts of New Jersey this weekend and next week. However, exactly how bad the impacts will be depends on the storm's path and how it interacts with other weather systems in the Northeast
    The storm Ian is going to cause lots of problems in the Northeast next weekend. ”There will be a lot of dry air in the region before Ian arrives. This could reduce the amount of rain the area receives, or even steer the rain west toward the Appalachians and Ohio Valley. A storm is coming our way and we will know more about it once it passes Florida and goes up the southeastern part of the US.
    A quiet Saturday in New Jersey with mostly clear skies and temperatures near normal for the first weekend of October is what the weather service is expecting in Mount Holly.
    The weather this weekend and next week will be very different depending on where Hurricane Ian goes. The remnant low of Ian lifts towards the Mid-Atlantic after high-pressure retreats to the north. There is the potential for redevelopment offshore, which would result in rain and gusty winds by Monday. Some people think that computer models are good for predicting the weather, but other people think that they are not very accurate.
    The weather service's New York regional office said that a strong high pressure system might stay over the region this weekend, which could prevent Hurricane Ian from moving much further north from the Southeast towards the Northeast.
    The National Weather Service's Baltimore/Washington office said that it is unclear how much of Ian's tropical moisture will make it into the area this weekend.
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    Wednesday's weather: Warm day, with fire warnings for parts of South Africa

    In the south-western Bushveld of Limpopo, the North West, and the central and north-eastern parts of the Northern Cape, the South African Weather Service has issued high fire danger warnings. The weather in your area: variable
    It will be hot in some places in the north of Gauteng. Otherwise, fine and warm, becoming cloudy in the afternoon. The forecast predicts a high probability of sunburn. The weather will be cloudy in the east of Mpumalanga at first, but will be partly cloudy and warm in the west. The Lowveld will experience areas of heat.
    Limpopo will experience cloudy conditions along the escarpment in the morning, but it will be partly cloudy and warm to hot in the west and south-west.
    The North West will have some clouds and it will be warm to hot. The weather in the Free State will be partly cloudy and warm to hot, with afternoon showers and thundershowers in the south and along the Lesotho border.
    It will be fine along the coast of the Northern Cape and adjacent interior where it will be cloudy at first with morning fog patches. The weather will be partly cloudy and warm to hot. There may be some afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the east. The wind along the coast will be moderate.
    The weather in the Western Cape will be cloudy along the south coast in the morning, otherwise partly cloudy and cool to warm with morning fog patches over the interior. It will become fine in the west by the afternoon. The wind along the coast will be light to moderate, becoming fresh on the West Coast in the afternoon.
    The UVB sunburn index is expected to be high. Morning fog patches are expected over the southern parts of the Eastern Cape. Cloudy conditions will prevail over the western half of the province at first, with fog patches in the south.
    From late morning until late afternoon, the interior will be partly cloudy and cool with isolated thundershowers. Light to moderate winds will blow along the coast. Morning fog patches are expected south of the escarpment in the eastern half of the province.
    Isolated thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon, but there will be scattered showers along the escarpment and to the east of Queenstown. The wind will be blowing from the northeast and will be moderate. The province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa will experience morning fog in some places, but otherwise it will be partly cloudy and warm.
    There might be some rain in different parts of the province today, but mostly it will just be showers. The wind will be blowing north-east at a moderate to strong speed. The UVB sunburn index is high, which means that it is likely to cause a sunburn.
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    UK weather warning: Atlantic storm to batter Brits with rain and 50mph winds

    The remains of a storm from the north are set to hit later this week, bringing with it miserable wind and rain. A storm is coming and it will be wet.
    A lot of the bad weather we've been having lately is because of low pressure from tropical storms over the Atlantic. The deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office told The Sun on Friday that a deeper area of low pressure would move into the northwest of the UK.
    The met office has issued a yellow-rainfall warning for tomorrow."This means that it will rain a lot tomorrow and it will be windy. The met office has issued a yellow-rainfall warning, which means that people should be careful. However, this is nothing unusual for the time of year.
    “At this time of year, the effects of the Atlantic tropical cyclone season can make it difficult to forecast rainfall and wind strengths more than a few days in advance. As a result, the exact timings and strengths may vary throughout the week.” The rest of the week is not going to be good either.
    Today, cold, heavy showers are expected. Cold northerly winds are expected to bring low night-time temperatures in the UK from Tuesday. More exposed areas of North Wales and the West Midlands will see windy conditions as the rain falls. Conditions will also be wet in the afternoon in the far South-West.
    Rain from last night's storm will clear out of the far southwest today, but showers will continue elsewhere, especially in eastern and western coastal areas and northern Scotland. The weather on Wednesday is expected to be sunny with some showers in coastal areas.
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    Hurricane Ian Preps FAQ: Practical Tips Ahead Of The Storm

    A hurricane is a big storm that can do a lot of damage. Hurricane Ian is heading toward Florida and then into the Southeast U.S., so now is the time to prepare. You may have a lot of important questions.
    For the latest complete forecast briefing on Ian, click here. Click here for the latest news about storm preparations, cancellation and evacuates.
    If you have a power outage, you can store your refrigerated medications in a cooler with ice.
    If the power goes out, you need a plan to keep the cool temperatures for medical treatments. If your power goes out, your refrigerator will stay cold for two to three hours. If you are expecting a longer power outage, remove any refrigerated medications and place them in a cooler with ice, cooling bricks or cold packs. Make sure you don't accidentally freeze your meds – Keep the medications from directly touching the ice.
    If you use insulin that has to be kept cold, don't let it get too hot or expose it to sunlight. You can use insulin in opened or unopened vials for up to four weeks at room temperature.
    Do I need to bring my own mask or other requirements to the public shelters?
    If you are going to be in a public shelter, it is important to be prepared to wear a mask. You should pack enough masks for everyone in your house.
    The Centers for Disease Control suggests this because it is less likely that you would need medical assistance if you were in a shelter.
    Can I bring my pets with me to the shelters?
    You should be aware that not all public shelters accept pets. When a shelter allows pets, you may have to register the animal in advance for that specific shelter. Also, a pet shelter might separate the animals from their families, so be aware of that.
    Officials say that pets should have a disaster supply kit that includes, for example, food and water, medications, and plastic bags to hold waste.
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