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    What fall?: Montreal weather expected to be dazzling for a week straight

    You’ll probably want to keep your scarves and turtlenecks in the closet for a little longer. People in Montreal are getting ready for warmer weather.
    The first week of October is going to be warm, with highs of 17°C and nighttime lows of 5°C. This warm period will last from Friday, September 30 until at least October 6.
    The weather is going to be warm this week and it might be the last warm week of the year. This means that there will be no rain, and it will be sunny outside. The average temperature for October 1 is 9°C, which is 8° warmer than expected. So, if you still haven’t put away your patio furniture or are just looking for an excuse to get outside, this is it.
    For weather updates and an accurate Montreal forecast, you can visit The Weather Network’s website.
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    First Alert Weather Days declared for weekend impacts from remnants of Ian

    Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall today as a major hurricane in southwest Florida, bringing with it catastrophic damage. The impacts of the storm will be felt here by Friday, and First Alert Weather Days have been declared for both Friday and Saturday.
    Today and tomorrow will be dry with increasing clouds and cooler temperatures.
    First Alert Friday: Hurricane Ian brings rain and strong winds.
    A First Alert Weather Day is a day when there is a high chance of severe weather. On Saturday, there will be heavy rains and gusty winds, and flash flooding is possible.
    High clouds from the outer bands of Ian have already moved across the region. ʻ Expect sunshine with temperatures near 70 degrees and dry conditions. The overnight lows will be in the upper 40s by Thursday.
    The forecast for Thursday includes dry conditions, but an increase in clouds and winds. This is because of the rain that will come from Hurricane Ian. Temperatures are expected to reach near 70 degrees.
    Rain will start to fall as early as Friday morning. Wind gusts of up to 35 mph are expected. The primary concerns are flash flooding and downed trees. The temperature will be cooler, in the upper 60s to low 70s. This means that you should take any furniture that is outside and is not securely fastened down, and bring it inside so that it doesn't blow away in the wind. The weather will be cool, with highs in the low 60s. It looks like the bad weather will continue into Saturday. Flooding and high winds will continue to be a problem. The forecast for Sunday shows a few showers, but it is not expected to be as wet as previous days.
    UPDATE: Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall in southwest Florida today and cause catastrophic damage. The outer rain bands from Ian will begin to impact our area Friday, with ongoing showers and storms expected into Sunday. After dumping out of Florida, Ian will make a second landfall along the GA/SC coast. The storm will move over the Carolinas on Saturday.
    The WBTV Weather app is free and available for your mobile device. With the app, you can get the latest WBTV weather forecast and receive weather alerts. You can get the latest weather forecast on the WBTV app on Amazon Fire.
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    UAE weather: Temperature dips below 20°C; rains likely for 3 days

    The UAE is entering the fall season and temperatures have begun to cool down. The Mebreh mountain in Ras Al Khaimah had the lowest temperature on Thursday.
    The mercury dipped to the cool temperature at 6.30am.
    The weather is going to be rainy for the next three days. The National Center for Meteorology & Seismology forecasts that rainy convective clouds will form in the eastern areas, extending over some internal areas by afternoon.
    The forecast for the next five days calls for sunny, dry weather with highs in the mid-80s and lows in the upper 50s.The next five days will have sunny, dry weather with highs around 85 degrees and lows near 60 degrees. Because of this, it has been foggy the last few days.
    During the fall season, the temperature will range between 40C and 20C, while in the desert, it will be below 20C.
    The days and nights are the same length. As the season changes from autumn to winter, the days will become shorter and the nights will become longer.
    The Suhail star rose at dawn on August 24, marking an end to the sweltering summer heat. The fall season signaled the transition to the United Arab Emirates.
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    UK weather: Met Office warns of "severe" 55mph winds as temperatures plummet

    According to the Met Office, gales of up to 55mph are expected in the UK in the next few days.
    Brits can expect a wet and windy weather to arrive in the UK on Friday, which will have started on the other side of the Atlantic.
    There will be heavy rain and strong winds on Friday.
    Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist with the Met Office, stressed that such forecasts are not unusual for this time of year and said that the impact of the weather is expected to be limited at this stage.
    Severe gales are possible in northwestern Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday morning and afternoon.
    The weather will be very windy on the south coast of England on Friday afternoon and evening. There is a chance that the winds could be so strong that they would be classified as gales, but this would only last for a short period of time.
    The jet stream is a strong wind that will push a deep area of low pressure across the Atlantic. This will bring a spell of rain to the UK on Friday with some strong winds following.
    The weekend forecast from the Met Office.
    She said that it is likely to bring some of the strongest winds we have seen so far this autumn. "Saturday will be an unsettled day with blustery showers and perhaps some more persistent rain along the south." The weekend is going to be rainy and windy, but by Sunday it will be drier and calmer.
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