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    UK weather forecast: Warning over -3C Arctic snap as Brits brace for coming winter

    There is an Arctic blast coming to the UK and it might get really cold, below freezing. Autumn is here and that means that some parts of the UK will start to feel cold temperatures. The weather could be really cold in the morning, because of the wind from Hurricane Fiona.
    The record-breaking, scorching summer is far in the memory for many Brits who will now be turning to woolly jumpers and coats. A patch of cold weather has been caused by the remnants of Hurricane Fiona.
    A polar vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the North and South Poles. It happens when the jet stream, which is a river of air high up in the sky, gets pushed north or south. This can happen because of changes in the amount of sunlight that reach Earth's surface, With the mercury dipping, this will be a source of concern for a number of Britons who are resisting putting the heating on due to the cost of living crisis.
    "It will feel rather autumnal at times over the next few days, and we will have northerly winds bringing a chill across the UK", said McGivern. Next week, it will rain a lot in some parts of the country. The weather will be very windy and cold.
    There will be a lot of cloud around, and it's going^going^to^be^a^raw day."The weather is going to be really cold today and it will feel even colder because of the wind. There will also be a lot The temperature will be lower than average for the next few days. The combination of wind and cold temperatures could make it feel like it is -3 degrees Celsius in some parts of northern Britain.
    The mountains in Scotland could see a little bit of snow. The Met Office says it will be cold and breezy tonight, with a mix of showers and sunshine tomorrow. The weather people are saying that it is going to be really cold at night this week and that there might be some frost in the mornings. They also say that by the end of the week, there is going to be a lot of rain and strong winds.
    Looking towards the end of the month into October, they cautioned of a large area of rain from Friday through the weekend, which would eventually clear.
    Temperatures are expected to remain below seasonal norms and wind gusts could be strong as well. The Met Office has said that it is going to be very cold soon and that temperatures could even go below freezing.
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    How will Hurricane Ian impact weather in Charleston this week?

    Ian was upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane early Monday morning, but it is expected to intensify as it heads towards Cuba and the western Florida coast. The storm will probably get weaker as it gets closer to Florida this week.
    If Ian were to hit from the Atlantic, it would be a direct hit on our coast. The storm will come out of the Gulf of Mexico and will have plenty of land interaction before it gets to South Carolina.
    Storm Team 2 is keeping a close eye on two different scenarios for impacts from Hurricane Ian. Scenario one would be a closer approach – Hurricane Ian makes landfall around Florida’s big bend. A hurricane is a big storm that has lots of wind and rain. It can be dangerous if it comes near where people live. This hurricane is going to pass through our area later in the week, so we have to be careful. If a tropical depression comes ashore, it would give us heavy rain, flooding, gusty winds, and an increased risk of tornadoes.
    A tropical system is a type of storm that forms over warm ocean waters. These storms can bring strong winds and heavy rains. The Gulf of Mexico is a place where these storms often form and then make landfall, which means they come ashore onto land. The three things we typically get out of these types of storms from that area are rain, wind, and tornadoes. This is saying that if the hurricane hits Scenario 2, it would have less of an impact on us than if it hits Scenario 1. But we would still see some heavy rain and a strong wind.
    According to Marthers, the rain amounts would be less.
    The Storm Team 2 said that the most likely scenario, based on the guidance from the National Hurricane Center, is for scenario one to play out for us late this week. However, we cannot yet rule out scenario two.
    Ian's showers would hit on Thursday and Friday with the rain lingering into the weekend.
    This is a reminder that we are in the middle of hurricane season and we could see some storms. The time is right to review your families plan and download the Storm Team 2 Hurricane Ready Guide for tips and important information. You can also download the News 2 and Storm Team 2 apps for the latest weather and breaking news alerts.
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    A warm start, then a touch of fall this week: Here’s when to expect a Bay Area cooldown

    The Bay Area is expected to see another warm weekend, with high temperatures continuing to run above average.
    The high pressure system will make it very hot in inland cities. The region will become cooler on Tuesday as onshore flow returns.


    San Francisco will have cool weather at first, with lows in the mid-50s. Later it will warm up to the mid-70s. The wind will start blowing harder around lunchtime and won't stop until later in the day. Winds will be on the breezy side coming from the west between 15-30 mph. High temperatures will be lower in areas west of Highway 1, reaching only the upper 60s from the Presidio to the Sunset District and down to San Francisco State University.
    The Pacific Coast and Peninsula will have morning fog that will lift between 9-10 a.m. and then it will be sunny. Morning temperatures will be in the 50s. Under partly cloudy skies at Bolinas Lagoon and Bodega Bay, the highs will be in the 60s. Elsewhere, along the coast and the Peninsula, expect mostly sunny skies. The highs will be in the upper 60s at the Pacifica Pier. Highs will be around 70 for the afternoon from El Granada to Half Moon Bay. The highs for today in Daly City will reach 70, while San Bruno will be a tad warmer with highs in the lower 70s. The warmest spots will be across the mid-Peninsula, with San Mateo and Menlo Park reaching the low 80s.
    The morning will be foggy in the Sonoma valley. The fog is expected to dissipate by 9 a.m. and give way to sunny skies. Temperatures will be warm in cities like Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Rohnert Park, with highs expected to be in the low to mid-80s. The Napa Valley will also get warm, up to the mid 80s. The area from Novato to San Rafael should be in the 80s. The cooler spots will be closer to the water, including Sausalito, where highs will be in the 70s. The weather in Mill Valley and Tiburon will be warm, with highs in the upper 70s. High temperatures will be warm across western Solano County, with lows in the low 80s in Vallejo and the upper 80s in Fairfield. The rest of the North Bay will have a gentle west breeze.
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    Australia weather: Heavy rain and flooding: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide

    Almost every part of Australia will experience rainfall over the next 10 days as a massive rain bomb engulfs the country.
    A storm is coming to the east coast of Australia and it will be very severe. There will be heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, and flooding. This will happen mostly in southern New South Wales and Victoria.
    A large low pressure system is set to collide with a cold trough, which will cause significant precipitation in Australia. Areas already experiencing flooding, such as northern Victoria and southern NSW, are expected to see the heaviest rain. Some places have gotten more than twice the amount of rain that they usually get in a whole year, and it's only been a month.
    There is a chance of severe storms over the next three days. Moderate to major flooding is set to continue through NSW this week, with the worst of the weather expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Strong winds and even hail are expected in the eastern part of the state on Tuesday. The rain is expected to stop on Thursday, but more rain is expected over the weekend. The huge system will bring a lot of rain over the next 10 days.
    Unseasonable rain is predicted to hit the Pilbara and the Kimberly areas of Western Australia early next week. There has been no precipitation in September, but could see some in October.
    A low-pressure system that brought torrential rain and flooded dozens of river systems in inland New South Wales and the states north, has moved offshore, although forecasters say the situation is still 'evolving'.
    There were flood warnings for 28 river systems from the inland west through to the Northern Rivers and the Mid North Coast early on Saturday. Major flooding was continuing in the town of Gunnedah after the river peaked at 8.24 metres on Saturday morning. The water is expected to stay high on Sunday.
    Floodwaters are still slowly falling in Wee Waa, but they could remain above major flood levels into next week. Mayor Ron Campbell told AAP that the cotton town is protected by an 8km levee, but the flooding has destroyed local roads.
    If we get a lot of rain this summer, we could have a record flood, Mr Campbell said. The wet weather has caused anxiety in the Tumbulgum community on the Tweed River. The rain flooded paddocks on Friday.
    This means that even though it hasn't rained much lately, people are still worried about flooding because it was such a problem earlier this year. This person is saying that everyone in their area is always very tense, especially since another big event is coming up soon.
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