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    September weather: moving back towards normal

    September started out like August ended, with dry and warm days. But changes were coming after such a long dry spell. A depression is a low pressure area that affects the weather. The barometric pressure is a measure of the atmospheric pressure. It began to fall as the depression approached, meaning that the depression was getting stronger and would bring heavy rain. The weather was really rainy and wet on the 5th, after a modest fall of 4.8mm on the 4th. It rained a lot yesterday and it was the most rain that has fallen since August 16th.
    The wetter period lasted for five days with constant south winds. On the 8th, it was recorded at 15.30
    Warm and dry weather returned on the 10th with the warmest day of the month occurring on the 12th when the thermometer rose to 25.8C. This peak was 6.9C above the average, also the hottest day since 26th August (26.5C).
    Tuesday the 13th was a day to be forgotten, as light rain fell for most of the day from mid-morning until late evening, when another 6.4mm was added to the monthly total.
    Until now, the hurricane season has been much quieter than usual. September 10th marks the climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season as that’s the date when the most tropical storms and hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic Basin. The hurricane season occurs between June and November, and is formed when the average sea temperature is 27C or above. Tropical storms Danielle and Earl formed in early September. They were unusually far north in the mid-Atlantic, heading northeast. But they weakened before approaching the UK.
    The trade winds blow from east to west near the equator, so hurricanes move from east to west. A hurricane is a type of storm that usually starts in the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. Once a hurricane moves north of about 30 latitude, it frequently loses intensity in the cooler waters and often moves from east to west, as does most of our weather.
    A tropical storm is a type of storm that forms in the tropics. Fiona was a tropical storm that formed on August 14th and then strengthened into a hurricane as it headed towards the Caribbean. On August 19th, it hit Puerto Rico and caused devastation. In 2010, a tropical storm called Hurricane Igor hit eastern Canada, causing damage to property and life. The hurricane brought winds of 165mph and waves 8metres high to the coast. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were pounded by the hurricane, which was a rare and historic event. The barometric pressure at that point was thought to be a record low.
    A few days after Hurricane Dorian dissipated, another storm named Gaston formed in the mid-Atlantic and began moving northeast instead of towards the Caribbean like Dorian had. Next was Tropical storm Hermine that formed close to the Canaries bringing torrential rain, not what you want on an Autumn holiday in the usually sunny and warm islands. Tropical storm Ian formed on the 23rd and began to develop heading into the Caribbean and then Florida where it devastated wide areas with sustained winds of 150mph, unprecedented weather. There were four storms in The Atlantic from 23rd to 25th.
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    Cool Weather Ahead for San Diego County

    The National Weather Service said that the temperature will be a few degrees above average in the mountains and deserts this weekend. They also said that there will be marine layer low clouds and fog each night and morning this week.
    This morning shows the eye of Hurricane Laura.A satellite is a machine that takes pictures of things from far away. This morning, a satellite took a picture of Hurricane Laura, which is a giant storm. On Saturday, widespread low clouds were filling the coastal basin and a coastal eddy was spinning near Catalina Island.
    The weather is going to be really nice! The highs will be in the mid-70s and the lows will be in the lower 60s. The weather is going to be nice! Highs in the western valleys are expected to be in the upper 70s, and near the foothills it will be in the lower 80s. Lows will be around 60. The weather is going to be warm in the mountains and hot in the deserts. The mountains were expected to get some rain and storms on Sunday and Monday. The NWS said that there is a chance of brief heavy downpours.
    High temperatures were expected to be 5 to 10 degrees above normal through the end of the week. This means that there will be little rain and mostly sunny skies.
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    Extreme weather affecting autumn leaves spectacular, warns National Trust

    Fall colors in Britain could disappear if the trees keep experiencing hot summers.
    This year's record-breaking temperatures, dry weather and hot weather have put trees under immense stress, and some are struggling to survive. The trees were confused because they dropped their leaves in August, which is usually when they don't have enough water.
    We are still waiting to see what the drought and high temperatures will mean for this year's autumn colour, however, the conservation charity says some trees are expected to turn golden brown and yellow in a 'unique' display. Due to the leaf drop that has already occurred in isolated areas, this year's autumn colour will be reduced due to the simple reason that many trees have already lost a lot of their leaves. Drought makes trees smaller, so they don't have as many leaves.
    Autumn colors typically only start to appear once temperatures start to drop overnight, but remain above freezing. The Trust says we need sunshine and rainfall to build up sugars in the leaves.
    This will allow our corn, soybeans, and wheat to mature'The farmer, Pamela, is hoping for good weather conditions over the next two weeks so that her crops can mature. She wants there to be sunshine, rain, and no strong winds We should have our first indication of how good this year's autumn colour will be in the north, as typically temperatures start to drop here first. The phenomenon spreads north to south across the country.
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    Cool and dry weather continues for weekend cleanup efforts

    A manatee swam underwater to nudge a wounded pelicanA manatee helped a pelican that was hurt by swimming under it and pushing it up to the surface of the water. For us, rainy season is over, as if a switch had been flipped. The weather is getting better because the hurricane is going away. Before Ian hit, dew points were still high in the 70s, but they are now in the 60s. The weather will be good this weekend, so it will be a good time to clean up. The weather will be cooler today, with temperatures only reaching around 80 degrees. With the cooler and drier air, it is possible that we could remain rain-free through at least mid-October.

    The hurricane season is the time of year when hurricanes usually happen. It starts on June 1 and ends on November 30. October can bring storm development to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. But starting the month, there is only one disturbance being monitored by the National Hurricane Center. A hurricane is a big storm that is just coming off the African coast and will be slow to develop. This storm will stay out in the open Atlantic, not even close to the United States.
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